About Us

Dream Holidays Group (DHG) is established in January 1999, with its headquarters based in Erbil Kurdistan, Iraq. Erbil is a capital of Kurdistan Region and second biggest city in the region. Recently we have opened office in Baghdad, Najaf and Basra with our partners and already have established an excellent reputation for being one of the most reliable travel and tourism companies in Iraq. We have a strong presence in whole Iraq and have developed a solid corporate business in the Iraqi market. DHG can assist you in creating and implementing a customized Corporate Travel Policy, so you may manage the travel procedures.

Our agents are trained to produce quantitative savings for all our clients. Additionally, they have forged strong relations with all major airlines which allow us to extend to our clients convenient, reliable and cost-efficient booking arrangements. Furthermore, we are able to negotiate very competitive commission contracts, as well as special corporate net and bulk fares for his customer and with all major travel agencies in Iraq.

Having all this success and working with highly trained people we decide to start with our own Insurance department named Dream Holidays Insurance (DHI). Our plan has been approved by the Iraqi law and our website give you the possibility to find out every information you need to have you insurance and get started with your trip.

We offer a low-fare insurance offering service throughout all over the World. To this end, ( DHI ) is constantly tracking his fleet’s performance. With the challenge of offering a broad range of capabilities, relationships and experience to provide efficient and environmentally sound technologies and sustainable solutions to our client's needs. (DHI) partners have a relevant international experience developing managements in more than 30 countries worldwide with public, private institutions and financing agencies. Team Dream Holidays Group and Dream Holidays Insurance want to grantee your trip and cover you from many things. Your heath is our concern.

Kurdistan has taken substantial measures to enact reforms and create the most open, favorable business conditions to make this possible. Fortunately, by virtue of its strategic location, Kurdistan has the advantage of being an ideal gateway to the World market. We understand that we have to do what it takes to create the most competitive and business -friendly environment for business. We will always focus its efforts on the building of foundations, ahead of the building of landmarks.

It is through this commitment to building for a better future that we came to be the most mature, well-established business hub in the World, providing the most free, open, liberal, transparent environment for businesses and communities. Kurdistan has maintained its position as a globally competitive base for business thanks to its focus on sustainability, skills and good governance.

Kurdistan is committed to the rule of law, free markets, and democratic principles; serving the needs of many; and above all, ensuring the long-term, future prosperity of its people.